UK Webinar | Addressing the Backlogs Crisis: Increasing Access and Throughput

Virginia Mason Institute

The growing elective backlog in the UK is leading to increasingly long wait times for patients and exhaustion and overwhelm for our teams. With workforce resources already stretched, running harder and faster will not work. We need better ways to improve our work to reduce the burden of work and begin making immediate and sustainable improvements to reduce wait times and increase access for patients. Practical insights in this webinar will help you understand how to address backlogs with a unified improvement approach.

You’ll also learn how Murali Bhat, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust has successfully applied these concepts and methods to make progress in access while simultaneously reengaging team members and improving the patient experience.

Learning concepts:
• Safely and effectively tackle challenges associated with wait times, access, capacity and backlogs
• Using a unified approach to improvement to address backlogs while simultaneously re-engaging team members and improving the patient experience
• Using specific methods to understand and analyse wait times, demand, and capacity without overwhelming teams with data
• Implementing strategies and tactics to reduce wait times and increase access and throughput

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