Video | Driving Strategic Priorities While Responding to the Global Pandemic

Virginia Mason Institute

This video, featuring Executive Partner, Transformation Services, Chris Backous, MHA offers a valuable perspective on how organizations can navigate the challenging task of driving strategic priorities amidst the unprecedented challenges posed by a global pandemic. This unique and insightful content is particularly relevant in the context of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. 

As the world grapples with a public health crisis, healthcare organizations are faced with the dual challenge of responding to immediate pandemic-related needs while also maintaining their long-term strategic objectives. In this video, Chris Backous highlights the critical importance of establishing a goal setting process to effectively address both aspects.  

The goal setting process is a linchpin in an organization’s ability to balance crisis response with sustained improvement work. It provides clarity, direction, and framework for aligning efforts with strategic priorities. During these turbulent times, setting clear and achievable goals is essential to ensure that the organization stays on course.  

Furthermore, the video underscores the interconnectedness of goal setting with the sustained improvement efforts. Even in the face of a global crisis, it is vital to maintain a commitment to continuous improvement. The pandemic has underscored the importance of resilience, adaptability, and the ability to pivot in response to changing circumstances. Chris Backous’ insights help organizations recognize that these qualities are not at odds with their long-term strategic priorities but rather integral to achieving them.  

In the world where disruptions are becoming increasingly frequent, this video serves as a timely reminder that crisis management and strategic goal setting are not mutually exclusive but, in fact, are intertwined. It empowers organizations to respond to the current crisis while staying true to their overarching mission and vision. Learn more about the importance of a goal setting process and how it connects to sustaining improvement work by watching this video. 

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