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Top 5 Healthcare Improvement Tool Downloads of 2021

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Here at Virginia Mason Institute we continue to be inspired each and every day by the dedication and commitment of our partners like you and all healthcare workers continuing to provide and improve healthcare for communities around the world.

As we reflect on the previous year, we’d like to share our top five healthcare improvement tool downloads from 2021.

Respect for People Behaviors Poster

A culture of respect a building block for engaged staff and satisfied patients. It’s also a foundational component for any sustainable healthcare improvement system. These ten foundational behaviors of respect can help you and your team maintain an environment that engages staff and satisfies patients. Download this poster to help guide your team in foundational behaviors of respect or to help your team in developing your own foundational behaviors.


Culture of Improvement Self-Assessment

Locking in innovations and improvement is increasingly important as we’ve navigated the Covid-19 pandemic, pushing us to rapidly adopt new processes and quickly apply learnings. This self-assessment tool can help you identify strengths and opportunities to support a culture of improvement at your organization so you can better capture wins and sustain improvements.


Waste Walk Exercise

Completing a waste walk is a foundational improvement activity that can help your team immediately identify ways to simplify processes, reduce clutter, and save time and money. Whether you or your team is ready to do your first waste walk or your tenth, this tool helps guide you through the process.


Speaking Up to Disrespect Activity

We all have a role in maintaining a culture of respect and an environment where team members feel safe to voice concerns openly. However, facilitating targeted discussions around disrespect can be difficult or uncomfortable even for experienced leaders. Use this activity guide to help engage your team in a targeted activity and discussion around behaviors that support a culture of respect.


Idea Generation and Sorting Toolkit

Especially in this time of growing burnout and frustration amongst healthcare teams, it’s increasingly important to make sure healthcare staff feel valued and empowered. One effective way to do this is to ensure they have an opportunity to generate and test their own improvement ideas. This toolkit can help you jumpstart your process for collecting improvement ideas and prioritizing how to move the best ideas forward.


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