Quality and Safety Assessment

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Assess the current state of your safety culture

Receive an in-depth assessment of your organization’s current culture of safety, reporting systems, and protocols to prevent recurring defects. Identifying opportunities to implement new, innovative solutions to the health care challenges your team faces today, your assessment will advance you towards lasting improvements in the future.

During the assessment, a Virginia Mason Institute quality and safety expert will evaluate:

  • Your organization’s current safety culture.
  • Empowerment of staff, physicians and leaders to report and act on defects as they occur.
  • Overall organization and efficiency of safety and quality systems in place.
  • How your organization can begin to better address urgent safety and quality issues immediately.

At Virginia Mason Institute, we are passionate about partnering with health care organizations worldwide to improve the quality and delivery of care for patients. Our results-driven approach to adding value is refined and improved upon until our outcomes show we’ve got it right.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss strategies centered around your organization’s unique improvement goals. Contact us to learn more about how our experts can help your organization achieve desired improvement results, and for pricing and implementation details. To better capture your interests, and answer any questions you may have, a member of our team will reach out to you.