Coaching Visit

Evaluation, guidance, and coaching

A coaching visit with one of our experts (sensei) broadens and advances the development of lean production and lean management as “the way of thinking” for the organization. As organizations progress through the transformation journey, a sensei’s teachings move past the conventional method of lecture-style training and deep 1:1 coaching and more toward extracting deeper lessons from real-life problems experienced in the boardroom and on the genba – where the work happens.

In developing lean management as the organizational mindset, and not simply a toolbox, there is no other alternative to learning except by doing and applying on the genba under the tutelage of the sensei.

What this experience will entail:

  • A coaching visit will be customized with the client organization to meet their needs during the visit.
  • The organization can plan their visit through a variety of meetings, observations, genba walks where the work happens, and small and large group teaching opportunities.
  • The sensei will stretch the participant’(s) thinking and perceptions through questions that stimulate them to consider new approaches to leading and problem-solving. In following the lean philosophy, the genba walks with the sensei will allow organization’s top leaders to evaluate the expected against the actual, and recalibrate their approach through the guidance, advice, and teaching of the sensei.

After this experience, you will be able to:

  • Apply the sensei’s recommendations and provocations to move to the next milestone of the transformation journey
  • Obtain a better understanding of a lean leader’s roles and responsibilities at different levels of the organization
  • Translate the sensei learning through other areas in the organization

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