Frontline Manager Coaching

Leading from the Genba

Leading from the genba in a lean environment involves empowering staff, being respectful, and the discipline of consistent daily application of the tools to know, run and improve your business. As a leader you must know at a glance the status of your unit’s daily work and if planned work is completed on time. You should have standard work documented for key business processes and know if staff are following it.

You should know when to take action and what action to take if abnormal conditions are observed. Our sensei coach leaders on the genba to create transparency, responsiveness and a presence on the genba.

This coaching develops the following:

  • an understanding of how the goals of the organization can link to the front line and staff can be actively engaged in the improvement work related to the strategy
  • achieve accountability, transparency and rigor to drive performance and sustain improvements.
  • engagement of staff in the daily operations of the business and create a culture of trust and respect that abnormalities will be addressed in a timely fashion.
  • the leader’s role as a problem framer instead of a problem solver.


  • Includes phone and on the genba (where the work is done) coaching of front line leaders.
  • One-on-one as well as cohorts of leaders are coached and challenged by the sensei to become effective lean leaders.
  • Coaching and planning for next steps for personal growth as well as developing the department’s application of the management system.

Who should attend:

Front line leaders and their line level managers up through executives.

Prerequisites – A management system or training

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