Process Improvement Trainer Certification

Train your process improvement leaders

Develop a certified trainer in the lean course of your choice. The trainer candidate will become a qualified, independent teacher to train leaders across their own organization in the tools and concepts of lean through the careful coaching and experiential co-teaching sessions.

Learning by doing with reflection affords an immersive learning environment as the trainer candidate teaches alongside our experts and receives feedback in flow. The organization will receive licensed course materials for the sole use of their employees.

What this experience will entail:

  • A carefully crafted certification pathway that develops the trainer candidate’s ability to design a safe, learning environment for participants, and to coach and support the success of leaders as they learn and practice concepts.
  • Intensified understanding of the lean tools and their application through teaching others.
  • A close partnership with a sensei to support the Trainer Candidate’s growth in exploration and identification of multiple learning and teaching styles.

After this experience, you will be able to:

  • Teach concepts competently and confidently to quality improvement leaders in your organization to practice lean concepts in their local area.
  • Train the organization’s leaders independently after successful certification.
  • Accelerate the depth of improvement capacity and capability in your organization by creating local experts in their own departments.

Who should attend:

Designated improvement specialist and leaders who will be teachers and facilitators of lean for their organization.

Prerequisites – Previous completion of the selected training course and application of the concepts

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